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Clearly the Leader in Healthcare
Specialty Cleaning

KemTex provides specialty cleaning services and products to well over 50 healthcare facilities in North Texas, including over 90% of the hospitals in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex alone. We have earned the trust of these organizations through our value driven service offerings and our total commitment to 100% client satisfaction.

Infection control and cross-contamination are serious concerns unique to medical facilities. With over 29 years of healthcare cleaning experience, KemTex is unrivaled in its knowledge and experience to meet the specific needs of hospitals. Our clients consider us an extension of their facility management team.

Your One Source Specialty Cleaning Solution

No other organization offers the breadth and depth of products and services to the healthcare industry than KemTex. Providing end-to-end solutions has allowed our clients to benefit from efficiencies and significant cost savings by consolidating numerous vendor resources down to one, KemTex. For example, not only do we provide exceptional drapery, cubicle, and shower curtain cleaning, we manufacture, install, and repair those products as-well! Upon closer review of our extensive product and service offerings, the many benefits of partnering with us will be evident.

Value… The Cornerstone of Our Organization

The price of a good or service is merely a number, in and of itself meaningless. Value, on the other hand, is the residual of the benefit derived from that product or service minus its cost. In our business, as in many others, there will always be low-cost providers. However, the industry leaders are those that deliver the most value and not necessarily the absolute lowest price. The goal of our organization has always been to provide a superior product or service at a fair price, thereby delivering value to our clients.


Draperies & Sheers, Cubicle & Shower Curtains, Top Treatments, Blinds & Shades, Furniture Upholstery, Carpet, Rugs & Mats

Specialty Services

Terminal & Detail Cleaning, JCAHO Readiness, Construction/Renovation Cleanup

Floor Care

Scrub & Clean, Strip, Refinish & Buff, Seal
  All Floor Surfaces: VCT, Sheet Vinyl,
  Ceramic Tile, Stone, Concrete



Reupholstering, Wood Refinishing, Repairs

Laundry: 7 Day Pick Up & Delivery

Cubicle & Shower Curtains; Comforters, Bedspreads & Linens; Microfiber Mops & Towels; Cotton Mops & Towels; Scrubs
& Lab Coats

Flame Retarding & Scotchguarding

Fabric & Lining, Draperies & Sheers, Cubicle Curtains, Top Treatments, Shades

Repair, Replacement & Installation

Draperies & Sheers, Cubicle & Shower Curtains, Curtain Hardware, Top Treatments, Blinds, Shades