Beautiful clean floors say a lot about your facility.  KEMTEX® is the undisputed leader in floor care services specializing in building lasting impressions with your customers. 

Our team of floor technicians have over 100 years of combined floor care experience and expertise!  Whether it’s VCT, Vinyl, Natural Stone or Terrazzo, no other company can produce the results like the team at KEMTEX®

Floor Care Services

For the past 45 years the Dallas/Fort Worth area has counted on KEMTEX® for it’s commercial cleaning needs.  That includes our expertise with floors.



The KEMTEX® Difference


Satisfaction Guaranteed

KEMTEX® guarantees you will be satisfied with our service.  That’s how sure we are that we’re the best at what we do.


Any Floor Surface or Type

Kemtex®’s Floor Care Service can easily handle stripping, refinishing, and burnishing of your vinyl or VCT floors.  Not only that, we have the experience to masterfully restore and polish your Marble, Granite, or Terrazzo floors as well.


KEMTEX® Quality


Experience You Can Trust

The process of properly stripping and refinishing a floor requires an equal application of art and science.  The individual Floor Care Services technicians at Kemtex® have a combined experience of 100 years and the wealth of knowledge that goes with it.  All to bring out the best of your floors.  


Clean You Can Trust

Consider this: 99% of Hospitals have their own floor cleaning technicians; despite this, they still use us for their specialty floor cleaning needs.  Just think what we can do for your floors.


KEMTEX® Service


Floor Care to Fit Your Needs 

Whether you wish to completely outsource your regular floor care, you have a unique circumstance that requires a specialist, or you just need qualified staff of your own to manage, KEMTEX® Floor Care Services can meet your needs.


Your Floors are a Reflection of You, Do They Shine?

Hundreds of thousands of footsteps.  Shoes that have tracked in all manner of undesirable agents from the outside world.  Heavy furniture sitting or scraping across a room.  Overburdened wheels rolling and stopping.  Spills, leaks, caustic chemicals incorrectly employed.  Let’s face it, your floors are the unsung heroes of your building.  Isn’t it time to make them sing?

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