Commercial Floor Care

Floor Care To Fit Your Needs

Do  you need a custom floor care solution that fits around your schedule?  Our approach allows for flexibility to clean when it is convenient for you and your business.  We know that providing floor cleaning and care services is best completed when there is an empty building to not disturb your employees. When this is not possible we will work with your team to develop a plan that works as seamlessly as possible.

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Good Reflections

Our Experience – Your Benefit

Details matter and good floor care is a detail that cannot be overlooked.  

Hundreds of thousands of footsteps track in debris, dull the finish on the floors.  It is vital to keep a clean place business and it starts with quality floor care.  

 KEMTEX® is a leader in floor care for hospitals, office buildings, and warehouses.  With our 100% satisfaction guarantee on our floor care services you will get the service you demand for your business. 

Experience You Can Trust

Properly stripping and refinishing floors requires an equal application of science and art.  We are experts at cleaning Marble, Granite, Terazzo, Vinyl, VCT flooring, Tile & Grout, and Seamless Vinyl.

With over 45 years experience KEMTEX provides the best floor care services and cleaning in the market.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

KEMTEX® guarantees you will be satisfied with our service.  That’s how sure we are that we’re the best at what we do.  

Floors Are A Reflection Of You…Do They Shine?

Hundreds of thousands of footsteps.  Shoes that have tracked in all manner of undesirable agents from the outside world.  Heavy furniture sitting or scraping across a room.  Overburdend wheels rolling and stopping.  Spills, leaks, caustic chemicals incorrectly employed.  Let’s face it, your floors are the unsung heroes of your building.  Isn’t it time to make them sing?


Clean You Can Trust

Consider this: 99% of Hospitals have their own floor cleaning technicians; despite this, they still use us for their specialty floor cleaning needs.  Just think what we can do for your floors.

Any Floor Surface or Type

Kemtex’s® Floor Care Service can easily handle stripping, refinishing, and burnishing of your vinyl or VCT floors.  Not only that, we have the experience to masterfully restore and polish your Marble, Granite, or Terrazzo floors as well.