Pressure Washing Services

For over 40 years KEMTEX® has been the leader in Commercial Cleaning Services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We service the hospitality, construction and corporate clients but we got our start and continue to dominate the Healthcare industry.  Which is what sets us apart.

The KEMTEX® Difference


Satisfaction Guaranteed

KEMTEX® guarantees you will be satisfied with our service.  That’s how sure we are that we’re the best at what we do.

The “Nth” Degree of Clean

Because of our background in the healthcare industry, KEMTEX® takes “clean” seriously.  We have worked hard to build our reputation within the industry, so we know how hard you have worked to do the same. That’s why when we clean your exteriors we promise you it will be KEMTEX® clean.

KEMTEX®, Experts in Clean

These days anyone can go to the hardware store and purchase a pressure washer.  That doesn’t make them an expert, and it doesn’t mean they can come close to our quality.  With the use of our proprietary 3 step process that includes pre-spotting and pre-treating, KEMTEX goes beyond just spraying a high pressure hose.

Your Exteriors Are Your First Impression

Your Exteriors are Your First Impression

Our Pressure Washing Services are successfully employed across college and industrial campuses, parking garages and lots, outdoor atriums and drives, entrances and valet areas, and any other high visibility areas that require a spotless appearance.

Clean Where it Counts

Thanks to Kemtex’s® 40-plus years of experience with the healthcare industry we can provide our Pressure Washing Services to medical establishments as well, including ambulance bays, patient drop off/pickup areas, trash and biocollection areas and loading docks.

Clean When You Demand It

Kemtex® will fully manage your facility’s Pressure Washing service whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly service. If you require a customized schedule based on your own particular traffic patterns KEMTEX® can accommodate that as well.

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