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Privacy Curtain Cleaning Services

For over 45 years KEMTEX® has set the standard in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas for commercial cleaning services with a strong focus on the healthcare industry. Our expertise on hospital privacy and cubicle curtains is unmatched, we guarantee it. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed
No One Does It Better

The KEMTEX® Expertise


Satisfaction Guaranteed

KEMTEX® knows that no one does it better than us.  That’s why we’re the only one who guarantees your satisfaction.

We Know Curtains

Not only does KEMTEX® clean curtains, but we also manufacture them.  The revolutionary ZipQuick® line of hospital and cubicle curtains not only protect patient privacy but increases productivity and reduces the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs).  We know how to make curtains and clean them.

We Know Clean

Since 1977 KEMTEX® has set the standard for healthcare facility cleaning.  That’s why we are trusted by 90% of the hospitals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to clean, sanitize and sterilize their rooms, floors, and specialty laundry items.

We Meet Your Needs

When the KEMTEX®: team arrives our service supervisor will meet with your area manager or supervisor to learn exactly what you need. Then our service technician will take down your curtains carefully logging where they were removed from.

We Understand Your Concerns


To insure uninterrupted work-flow for your facility we will install a KEMTEX® provided, temporary curtain. Within 24 hours your clean curtains will be returned and installed exactly where they belong.  We’ll even inspect the curtain track, carriers and rings to ensure proper operation and, if need be, furnish replacements with client approval.

The KEMTEX® Process

Hands on and High Tech

Upon arrival at the KEMTEX® plant curtains are inspected for stains and hand spotted and treated. Curtains are laundered in computerized washers that maintain precise cleaning conditions and solution concentration levels.

Innovative Solutions

The final step in the cleaning process is the application of a Quaternary BacteriaStat providing the curtains with self-sanitizing protection against Staph, MRSA and other Bacteriostatic Pathogens.

Above and Beyond

All curtains are inspected and if needed repaired.  Minor repairs will be performed at no additional cost. We also service shower curtains and liners, window top treatments and draperies, and even window blinds and shades. 

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