Residential Drapery and Window Treatment Cleaning

Removal and Installation


Our experts come to your home, take-down your drapes and curtains and bring them to our state-of-the-art facility for cleaning and repair if needed.  Once cleaned they come back to your home and re-hang them exactly as they were before.  

Customers love our time saving process removing the stress and hassle with taking down and re-installing their window coverings.



Focused On Draperies, Top Treatments, and Window Shades

Nobody cleans and repairs drapes, curtains, and all window coverings better than KEMTEX®. That is why we have a strong 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Experts In Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleaning custom drapes, curtains, and blinds with intricate designs is our specialty, and we offer free no obligation in-home consultations. During the visit our professionals will find what your curtains or drapes can tolerate.  

Kemtex® gently, but thoroughly cleans and sanitizes all window treatments using eco-friendly methods. 

We will dry clean by hand if needed and no additional cost.

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Valances & Top Window Treatments

KEMTEX’s® team of furniture repair and re-upholstery specialists have decades of experience.  We have access to thousands of different fabric styles, colors, and types to complete your items.

We pick up and drops off your re-upholstery and furniture repair projects on your time schedule with fast turnaround times. If necessary we can repair, restore, and repair built-in pieces onsite.

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All Drapery and Fabric Types

For over 45 years KEMTEX® has set the standard in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas for commercial cleaning services with a strong focus on the healthcare industry. Our expertise on hospital privacy and cubicle curtains is unmatched,
we guarantee it.


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The KEMTEX® Difference

Thorough and Effective Cleaning

The cleaning process starts with the removal of dust and particulates.  Then the fabric is pre-spot.  The dry cleaning process for your window treatments will vary depending on the style and fabrics, but in most cases we will employ a dry cleaning machine.  Once your drapes are dried they will be pressed or steamed, folded, bagged, and delivered or installed.

Gentle on Delicate Fabrics

KEMTEX® knows that not all window treatments are alike, that’s why the service professionals who come to your home can tell immediately what your curtains and drapes can tolerate.  If required we can and will do your dry cleaning by hand.

Above and Beyond

All curtains are inspected and if needed repaired. Minor repairs will be performed at no additional cost. We also service shower curtains and liners, window top treatments and draperies, and even window blinds and shades.

Environmentally Sound Solutions

KEMTEX® strives to be on the forefront of the latest technology, that includes green technology.  KEMTEX® uses earth friendly technology, biodegradable dry cleaning solutions which are gentler on fabrics and the environment.

No Inconvenience to You

Since we don’t try to clean your draperies while they’re still hanging on your windows you don’t need to worry about messes caused by a steam cleaner on your walls, floors, or glass.    It also means you won’t be spending all day with a cleaning crew in your home.  And, if needed we can provide you with temporary curtains to maintain your privacy.

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